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My name is Mary also known as Love Psychic Mary. If you are new to my site, I want to thank you for visiting and hope that I can do a live psychic reading for you soon. A little bit about me. I'm a 3rd generation psychic who has been tested and trusted by thousands of people from around the World. I am always honest, ethical, respectful, and never judgmental. I have created extensive relationships with life long clients from around the World, through hard work, honesty, accuracy and friendship. No matter how tough times are I keep my clients feeling safe and secure with answers to their tough questions.

When you choose to read with me, I will deliver the truth in a kind, respectful and compassionate manner.  I do not believe in keeping you stuck, I’m here to move you into a more EMPOWERED position.  Leaving you feeling more in control, more uplifted and with a plan of action to help you get out of the rut. My aim is to guide you in the right direction and give you the confidence and strength to get you through the tough times that life throws at you. I will help ease your mind and give you the answers you so desperately need. I can help you find clarity, peace, and love. When I do a live psychic reading for you I will tune into your situation and will feel not only your energy but also the energy of those you have questions about.

My rate is $3.99 per minute for a psychic reading by chat online or by phone. Your first 3 minutes are always free when you call me at 510-485-4645

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Soulmate psychic reading by San Francisco, California Van Life Psychic! Call now 510-485-4645

Welcome my name is VANLIFEPSYCHIC and I'm a 3rd generation Psychic with over 25 years of experience in the Psychic Industry. I have been servicing clients around the world which stretches across New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States and much more.

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VANLIFEPSYCHIC is highly regarded for her high accuracy, yet HONEST and ETHICAL approach. With the experience that I have gained over the many years, I have learned that in life there is so much out there for us and sometimes we just need a little nudge or push in the right direction to keep us on our path or guide us to our inner pull.

It is my aim today to bring you the guidance and clarity that you need to move forward and become unstuck in your situation.  Together we will work toward a plan to get you to a much happier place in your life, living a life of abundance and peace.  
Through my love psychic readings, I will tune into your energy and connect with the energy around you.

Some of the typical questions that clients like to ask me are below, and maybe you also have similar questions that you need answers to:

Is my relationship meant to be or is it going to last? 
How does he/she truly feel about me?
When will I hear from the one I love?
When will things get to a better place?

VANLIFEPSYCHIC - TSVANLIFE -Soulmate Psychic Readings - Soul mate Psychic Reading. Attract your soul mate!

Many people want to attract someone into their life, at most times we long for a deep desire to connect with someone on a spiritual level, such is our soulmate.  However, during your time alone, before the universe will bring this soul into your life, you should know these 5 common factors that could be preventing you from manifesting your soulmate.

 Soulmate Psychic Readings - Soul mate Psychic Reading



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Psychic Readings Online in California Psychic love specialist!

Psychic Readings Online in California Psychic love specialist!

Ever since the dawn of time, online psychic readings for clairvoyants, psychics, and fortune tellers have been an exclusive part of human culture. Individuals gifted with the sensitivity that allows them to perceive valuable insights into the future or human condition have always been feared and revered in every past society.
Despite the changes that have taken place in the world over the past centuries, clairvoyants and psychics still remain an important aspect in the lives of many who provide clarity through psychic advice and guidance.

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Love & Relationship Psychic Readings Call 510-485-4645

Love & Relationship Psychic Readings Call 510-485-4645

 My name is Mary. I am a tested and trusted psychic in Redwood City, California in the county of San Mateo! I am an accurate psychic with many years experince helping others and who offers love and relationship psychic readings, career psychic readings, soulmate psychic readings and twin flame psychic readings.

I’m known World Wide for being accurate, honest, reliable and generous with my time. My clients always feel better when they are finished with a psychic reading with me. Check my reviews!

 I have helped thousands of people through the best and worst of their lives.. I walk with them, guide them, help them in every way I can. Not only as a psychic, but as a friend. I will tune into your situation and will feel not only your energy but also the energy of those you have questions about. This helps me answer those tough questions that you may have about that special person such as. I can see and feel things that only a few very gifted psychics can see and feel. What are they thinking? Do they really care about you? Do they love you? Why are they acting this way? What did I do wrong? When will they reach out? Is it meant to be? If you need answers, I am the psychic for you. I am honest, sincere and will give you the truth in every situation.

This helps me answer those tough questions that friend, ex girlfriend, cheating, infidelity, affair, break up, regret, shame, intimacy, sex, gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, LGBT, LGBTQ, Gay & lesbian friendly, guidance, healing, love, acceptance, adviser, best, top psychic, affordable, friendly, open minded, soul mate, twin flame, angels, guides, world renowned, clairvoyant, energy, family, career, job, finance, business, work, guidance, life coach, dating, relationship.

When I do a live psychic reading for you I will tune into your situation and will feel not only your energy but also the energy of those you have questions about. 

If you are interested in a reading by phone please call or text me with your name and date of birth. My personal phone number is 1-510-485-4645 You can call me anytime day or night. I am here for you like I am for all of my clients.

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Please use the email address when sending your payment.

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Please text message me first unless its an emergency! I am very busy and cant always allow same day client appointments! I will let you know my availablity when you call but no matter what, just call!

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The rate for psychic reading by phone is $2.99 per minute.
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