My name is Mary Smith also known as Love Psychic Mary on

If you are new to my site, I want to thank you for visiting and hope that I can do a live psychic reading for you soon. A little bit about me. I'm a 3rd generation psychic medium who has been tested and trusted by thousands of people from around the World. I am always honest, ethical, respectful, and never judgmental. I have created extensive relationships with life long clients from around the World, through hard work, honesty, accuracy and friendship. No matter how tough times are I keep my clients feeling safe and secure with answers to their tough questions.

I have worked with thousands of clients just like yourself from around the world, including countries such as New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Netherlands just to name a few.

When you choose to read with me, I will deliver the truth in a kind, respectful and compassionate manner.  I do not believe in keeping you stuck, I’m here to move you into a more EMPOWERED position.  Leaving you feeling more in control, more uplifted and with a plan of action to help you get out of the rut. My aim is to guide you in the right direction and give you the confidence and strength to get you through the tough times that life throws at you. I will help ease your mind and give you the answers you so desperately need. I can help you find clarity, peace, and love. When I do a live psychic reading for you I will tune into your situation and will feel not only your energy but also the energy of those you have questions about.

When you first contact me, I will ask for your name and sometimes DOB to get an accurate read.  Clients have commented about my accuracy to deliver readings very quickly and I’m 98% accurate when it comes to timing, or predicting contact from an ex - due my psychic gifts

To ensure you get the best psychic reading possible at - make sure you are using the correct browser, download the latest google chrome, or firefox browsers, use a desktop and click on Chat Now or Call Now

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Thank you to everyone who has helped me on this life changing journey. I am currently in Seaside, Oregon and looking for some local friends....